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Accounting & Payroll

Experience the power and user-friendly interface of our accounting and payroll system application. Offers real-time insights that empower you to manage your company's time attendance data from virtually any location.

Advanced Accounting Software

Manage all your accounting operations with our comprehensive accounting module. It includes a cost center integration that allows cost distribution by department or project, a bank reconciliation screen for easy identification of differences, and a system that facilitates audit tasks, allowing accountants to review all documents and issue profit and loss reports.

Payroll system

Maintain comprehensive personnel information such as job descriptions, recruitment history, family details, contact information, and education background. Store all employee files by scanning and uploading them to individual profiles and utilize our reminder feature to stay on top of documents requiring renewal like passports, driving licenses, insurance, etc.

Our robust payroll feature makes it easy to customize calculations and comply with government laws. It is integrated with attendance data, supports dynamic variable creation and calculation formulas, and provides all official SSFN and financial legal papers. Payslips can be sent to each employee via email.

Attendance Tracking

Effortless Data Import from Time Clock Machines
Our robust import tool, is designed to accommodate data from various file types (text, excel, csv) and an extensive range of time clock machines.

Allows you to manage employee attendance seamlessly, offering a clear understanding of company effectiveness and performance at the individual, department, and task level. Track employee time with the calendar view, and easily distinguish between justified and unjustified leaves as well as annual leaves.

Time Off Management

Our system offers a secure portal where employees can access their own paid time off benefits, submit time off requests, and stay up-to-date on changes. Administrators and managers can effortlessly view and approve these requests, with automatic notifications for day off requests, and self-service time off requests.