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DARS, a cutting-edge "School Management Software", is designed to bring a transformative change in the operational dynamics of educational institutions.

Student Management Suite

Manage students’ registration and admission. Generate statistical and managerial reports for advanced analysis. Collect insight on students’ behavioral history

Students and Families profiles
  • Personal information
  • Medical profile
  • Skills and Objectives
  • Report Card
More modules
  • School bus
  • Library
  • Alumni
  • Afterschool activities
  • Administration and roles

Keep parents, students and school administration aware of all classroom activities and behaviors

Online Collaboration
  • Collaborate and share information
  • Teachers’ Grade book
  • Grade submission workflow
  • grades modification requests
Learning management
  • homework agenda
  • remarks and behavior tracking
  • Skills and objectives
  • Course learning content
  • Online quiz

Mobile App

Most effective communication method in today’s mobile driven world!

For Students, Parents & Teachers
  • Keep parents connected
  • Messaging and notifications
  • Intuitive interface

Manage all accounting operations and produce journal vouchers and all standard accounting operations.

Enable the distribution of cost by department, by class and by student through the cost center integration.

  • Accounting
  • Tuition
  • Stock
  • Inventory
  • Salary Calculations
  • HR Profile
  • Ministry of finance declarations
  • SSNF declarations
  • Auto Generation of vouchers

DARS Learning Management System

Dars” automates a wide array of administrative and academic tasks, resulting in significant efficiency improvements and reduced workload for school staff.

The intuitive interface of DARS ensures easy usability while offering an extensive range of features and information. This facilitates a seamless workflow and more productive time management for staff members.

DARS stands apart from conventional school management software due to its integration of advanced learning management tools. These tools offer comprehensive tracking capabilities for each student’s progress in terms of skills development and achievement of learning objectives, leading to more personalized and effective education strategies.

DARS has received wide acclaim for its user-friendly modules and robust reporting capabilities, supporting both day-to-day operations and periodic analysis. By offering essential reports and outputs, DARS equips schools with the necessary tools to continually refine their processes.

Successful track record

With a successful track record of over 15 years, we have partnered with leading schools to incorporate DARS into their management environment. Our software simplifies administrative tasks, helping managers to efficiently control school operations.

DARS also provides an accurate snapshot of the school’s financial health, performance, and developmental trajectory. This valuable insight enables informed decision-making for school leaders, promoting sustained growth and continuous improvement.

Notably, DARS has been trusted and adopted by over 60 schools in Lebanon, making it a popular and reliable choice for managing educational operations. These schools have leveraged DARS to enhance their administrative efficiency, optimize learning outcomes, and gain critical insights into their performance and growth.

Datarays Introduces DARS our School Management System